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Automated Sustainability Report

Generate a full sustainability report aligned with
any framework of your choice

ESGgo’s Automated Sustainability Report is democratizing ESG reporting, allowing your team to easily generate a full and comprehensive sustainability report with just a few clicks.
Leverage ESGgo’s deep-tech data engine and AI capabilities to personalize your report and tailor it to your organization’s sustainability story. With the help of drag-and-drop templates, assemble your data, graphs, KPIs into the narrative of your choice.


Customizable Editing
Assemble your report using drag-and-drop templates and effortlessly curate your data, graphs, KPIs, framework index and narrative.
Automatic Analysis
Enjoy automated insights that are highlighted from your data such as suggestions for improvement or efforts by your competitors.
Seamless Collaboration
Facilitate seamless collaboration among team members. Engage your team with report-related tasks minimizing the need for excessive email exchanges and document sharing.