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ESG Data Analysis

Utilize AI to optimize your sustainability and DEI, uncover growth opportunities and translate insights into impactful actions

The ESG Data Analysis tool allows your team to easily track, analyze and gain valuable insights from your data
ESGgo’s Top-Down analytics and bottom-up table tools allow you to slice and dice your data in-depth and easily unlock considerable insights from your performance


Targeted Improvement
Identify the high-impact projects, focusing on areas that offer significant improvements on your sustainability journey.
Time and Cost Savings
Achieve substantial cost savings and eliminate months of tedious data analysis work. Swiftly and efficiently identify gaps, accelerating your progress towards an improved ESG posture and score.
Enhanced Board Confidence
Boost your board's confidence with visually compelling graphs that elevate presentations. Utilize top-down analysis to educate colleagues and management on sustainability components and the rationale for necessary changes, enhancing your messaging's effectiveness and impact.