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Meet our Team - Yuval Zaif

Our Head of Engineering has a superpower when in comes to problem solving. Meet Yuval!

Prior to joining ESGgo as Head of Engineering, Yuval had several years of experience in the software industry, and the famous 8200 unit, where he developed impressive problem-solving skills and his talent for management. 

Lucky for us, Yuval decided he wanted a change of scenery and hoped to join a company that combines great tech with real impact. 

Yuval is a genuine people person. His attentiveness and attention to detail make him an incredible listener, benefiting everyone around him, not just his team of developers. It is not uncommon to find him in a one-on-one conversation on personal matters as he is caring, smart and easy to talk to. These qualities influence him as a manager as well.

Every day, Yuval strives to bring the best out of this team and help them improve as developers and as problem-solvers. 

The way he supports our engineers to be the best versions of themselves combined with his dedication and efforts to create a unified team culture are huge contributors to the mutual feeling his team shares- That no matter what, Yuval has their backs.

Here is a little bit about the person leading our incredible team of engineers. 

How would you describe what you do?

It depends on the day. Any growing startup requires agility and creativity which is why my day-to-day is filled with so much more than what my title suggests. Being part of a super-fast environment and keeping up with our customers' needs requires juggling several hats. This is one of the things I love most about my work- the fact that I get to contribute in different ways. Other than managing my awesome team of developers, I get the opportunity to show impact in many different aspects of the business, such as architecture, strategy, customer success or even the occasional pep talk. Each morning I know that what I do today will be different from what I did yesterday and definitely not what I will be doing tomorrow. It’s exciting. 

What else do you like about working at ESGgo?

I appreciate that the company sees the person and not the position. This really starts from the top management and trickles down. There is an atmosphere of open communication and a culture of sharing ideas collectively. We have a very special and diverse team with the sharpest of minds and having these open discussions allows us to provide creative solutions for complex challenges and we see the effects across all aspects of the company. 

What can your team always count on you for?

Without a doubt- my time and attention. I am always happy and available to be their personal rubber duck. Help them brainstorm solutions, sharpen their problem solving and maximize their potential. 

What parallels do you see between your current role and your previous positions?

The context of what I did previously is wildly different but my approach is the same- laying down a solid foundation and infrastructure for the product that will allow it to scale and support different features, this is always my priority. Secondly, predicting the needs of our customers, even before they have identified them. Imagining what the next generation of the product looks like and carving the way to a reliable solution. 

What lessons have you carried with you from past experiences?

My experience in Cyber taught me that sometimes the best solution is not always the technological solution. Software doesn’t always take into account the bigger picture and sometimes an out-of-the-box innovative solution is needed which has nothing to do with code. So we try to remember, code isn’t sacred, and creativity is crucial for tailoring a theoretical solution to a real-life problem. 

What are your thoughts on ESG?

After leaving the Cyber industry, working for a company that does good was a huge motivator for me to join ESGgo. I also agree that adopting ESG practices are important for any company, however, what I’m truly passionate about is the data capabilities of our system. We can help enterprises do amazing things with a solid data infrastructure and ESG is really just the tip of the iceberg. 

What’s a skill you would like to pick up? 

No specific skill on my wish list since when I want to learn something I typically dive right in, my curiosity won’t have it any other way.