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Meet our Team - Alon Federman

Meet our Head of Data and read to learn more about his journey and his take on ESG

Before joining ESGgo as the Head of Data, Alon served as Product Manager of special data projects in the IDF's 8200 intelligence unit. Prior to that, Alon was an Intelligence Officer, leading a team of 30 multi-disciplinary soldiers in data collection and complex analysis missions.

After his service, Alon had a taste of the VC and business development worlds when he joined the Value added services team at one of the leading VCs in Israel.

Alon has also ample experience with mentoring at-risk youth, after living for a year in a commune and working as a youth guide and employment counselor. It's no doubt he brings the same sense of empathy, humanity, and mentorship to his current team.

Asking employees how they feel about their manager can be somewhat awkward at times. This is not the case. Alon is truly a one-of-a-kind leader. His team genuinely and unanimously attested to him being extremely caring and pleasant to work with. Keeping his team to their own individual best, Alon knows how to motivate them while leaving room for personal growth.

It also helps a lot that he is very very funny.

Alon was more reluctant to talk about himself than his team, as he is extremely modest.

What lessons do you carry with you from past experiences?

The most recurring theme up to now has been how to communicate effectively. I have been very lucky to be able to learn early on how to see the person rather than the employee and this is something I try very hard to uphold within my team and something I'm proud to see present in ESGgo's core culture. Also - I always question everything and look for continuous improvement.

What's your favorite thing about working at ESGgo?

I love that it is so dynamic - we do so many things. If it's building collection tools to better harvest the data or designing data sets to match ESG leading framework, as well as our client's needs - it's always an adventure of solution hunting.

I love the challenge of constantly pleasing the customer and the thrill of answering a certain pain point. We always need to think ahead and predict what problem might rise and fix it before it happens, a skill I am excited to further develop.

But, I would say the thing that resonates the most about ESGgo is the people and the culture. I feel there is room for each person to show their strengths, as I feel I am seen and appreciated by mine.

What are your thoughts on ESG?

This is the future. Investors can no longer rely only on financial aspects and need to understand the sustainable business model - how a business can leverage its ESG practices to draw clients and employees. It may seem like a data mess to some companies, but with the right tools, companies can do wonders, and once regulated, everyone will be on the ESG reporting train.

What can your team always count on you for?

To challenge them and push them to do their best.

What is your motto?

If it's hard, it means you are growing.

What can we find in your snack drawer?

Nothing! I am getting married in September.