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The one-stop-shop for all of your sustainability needs

Take control of your sustainability journey with a holistic, robust, data-driven ESG platform.


Simplify your ESG data collection with the ESGgo platform.

Streamline your data collection and standardize your ESG data by any framework or questionnaire
Track different metrics, such as GHG emissions, by business unit, geography, or product line
Generate workflows and collaboration between different departments to simplify your data collection process

Create automatic and comprehensive ESG reports.

Transform your ESG reporting process by automatically generating a one-click report
Generate an ESG index for your report customized by any framework or questionnaire
Share your ESG performance with your partners or investors, directly from the ESGgo platform

Leverage your data and improve your ESG narrative.

Monitor and analyze your ESG data using a detailed dashboard with tailored views and graphs
Benchmark your ESG performance against your peers and competitors and transform insights into actionable ESG efforts
Easily onboard your suppliers and leverage an aggregated analysis to learn how your suppliers affect your ESG posture

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Platform Features

Use Case

A company with 34 global business units needed a single, easy-to-use tool for its sustainability needs.

Collecting and standardizing ESG information was burdensome and costly, involving spreadsheets and emails, converting between measurement units, time periods and adjusting all data points between the different frameworks.
This process took months and required hiring new analysts.

The ESGgo platform streamlined the onboarding process within two meetings. Our collaborative, permission-based platform provided immediate standardization of the company's ESG data to five different frameworks.

The sustainability VP now has a single place for all ESG info including  a deep-dive analysis of each ESG data point per geography, product line and business unit, as well as benchmarks against competitors.

Your Trusted Partner in Sustainability

ESGgo was born out of passion for creating a positive impact on the world. Our diverse and global team encompasses a unique blend of technology and business expertise, along with an in-depth knowledge of the ESG landscape.

Together, we are driven by a shared vision to empower organizations on their journeys to sustainability and responsibility.
Our accomplished team members hail from industry-leading companies such as Google, McKinsey, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. Their collective experience, coupled with a genuine commitment to fostering sustainable practices, positions ESGgo as a trusted partner in achieving your ESG goals.

At ESGgo, we understand the immense potential for enterprises, startups, and VCs to drive meaningful change. We take pride in providing cutting-edge ESG solutions that enable our clients to thrive while making the world a better place.

Trust ESGgo to be your steadfast ally on your journey towards a more sustainable future.

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