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The AI-powered operating system for sustainability

Democratize your sustainability digital transformation



ESGgo deep-tech data engine was built to input any format of data (complex spreadsheets, data from third parties, API’s from internal systems). The engine then wrangles that data, cleans that data, normalizes it and matches the data to any framework or any new and upcoming regulation for reporting purposes or digital product passport use cases.
No more heavy integrations nor investing major costs and time in collecting your sustainability data.
By Leveraging Machine learning and AI, ESGgo easily ingests data from any source – external or internal and generates the result that will help you reach your sustainability goals.

Democratize your sustainability digital transformation
If you are an enterprise looking to digitalize your ESG journey internally and generate sustainability independence, then the ESGgo enterprise engine is what you need. The ESGgo data engine integrates with your existing systems on your own cloud and can connect to your enterprise data lake. You can easily upload files in various formats, including spreadsheets commonly used for ESG data collection or PDF's, invoices or utility bills.
ESGgo's engine performs data wrangling to extract, calculate and align the with global ESG frameworks, and sends it to any visualization system, whether it's your enterprise system or the ESGgo platform.





ESGgo also has an easy-to-use and friendly online application that harnesses the power of our advanced technology engine.
The system includes a collaboration feature that allows colleagues to collaborate on data collection. It then standardizes the data submitted by each user, calculates scopes and other data required for reporting and consolidates it into a report-ready format. The out-of-the-box application includes benchmarks for competitive analysis, generates insights, empowers executives to set key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets, and predicts when those targets can be achieved.
One of the most advanced reporting features in the world is the ESGgo reporting generator. You can create a comprehensive, full report with an easy-to-use collaborative reporting feature. Users can simply drag and drop graphs, calculations, insights, and text to generate a true ESG report. Invite colleagues, consultants or designers to create a fully-fledged, framework adapted sustainability report.

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Prodalim Group is among the biggest international trade companies dealing with Juices, Concentrates and Fruit components. Prodalim is a supplier to top-tier CPG companies worldwide. Sustainability is at our core and we were looking for a solution that we can trust that could help us with the complexity of the ESG data, including the automation of sustainability data of our suppliers. ESGgo's tool is highly sophisticated and is answering all of our needs, and beyond that, their true ESG expertise and kind, white-glove service accompanies us in excelling in the ESG journey towards towards sustainability success!

Anat Even-Chen
Global Sustainability Manager

Use Case

A company with 34 global business units needed a single, easy-to-use tool for its sustainability needs.

Collecting and standardizing ESG information was burdensome and costly, involving spreadsheets and emails, converting between measurement units, time periods and adjusting all data points between the different frameworks.
This process took months and required hiring new analysts.

The ESGgo platform streamlined the onboarding process within two meetings only. The platform's collaborative, permission-based abilities provided immediate standardization of the company's ESG data to five different frameworks.

The sustainability VP now has a single place for all ESG info including  a deep-dive analysis of each ESG data point per geography, product line and business unit, as well as benchmarks against competitors.

Your Trusted Partner in Sustainability

ESGgo was born out of passion for creating a positive impact on the world. Our diverse and global team encompasses a unique blend of technology and business expertise, along with an in-depth knowledge of the ESG landscape.

Together, we are driven by a shared vision to empower organizations on their journeys to sustainability and responsibility.
Our accomplished team members hail from industry-leading companies such as McKinsey, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and special AI, data and cyber ops units. Their collective experience, coupled with a genuine commitment to fostering sustainable practices, positions ESGgo as a trusted partner in achieving your ESG goals.

At ESGgo, we understand the immense potential for enterprises, startups, and VCs to drive meaningful change. We take pride in providing cutting-edge ESG solutions that enable our clients to thrive while making the world a better place.

Trust ESGgo to be your steadfast ally on your journey towards a more sustainable future.

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By clicking “Accept”, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site functionality and analyze site usage.
View our Privacy Policy for more information.